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Recent articles and archival material from Bruce Murray's journalism career
Wanted: Watchdogs in the press

The salary scandal in the California city of Bell highlights what happens in the absence of a healthy Fourth Estate. See editorial by Bruce T. Murray, who covered city salaries in the Los Angeles area 20 years ago.

Ben Ciccati Guns & religion

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas holds a novel legal theory on the First Amendment; theories diverge on Second Amendment. See Bruce Murray's article comparing the First and Second Amendments in the Santa Barbara Independent.

Legal affairs reporting archive

Select clips from Bruce Murray's newspaper career, when he covered the courts, cops and the environment.


SageLaw section on torture includes news updates on the torture debate, documents and analysis, including literary perspectives on torture, coverage of the Chapman University debate on torture, and more.

Homeland Defense in America’s heartland

Experts assess the threats to America’s infrastructure and food supply; and Abraham Sofaer reviews the evolution of the response to terrorism — from criminal law enforcement to national security threat.

Religion, politics and culture

Articles on religion, politics and culture.

The economics of energy

Primers on energy, the environment and global climate change.

Reporting around town:

‘Americanization’ in the 21st century

Zócalo panel takes on immigration policy and philosophy.

Dirty Business: Should the Porn Industry Be Saved?

Porn industry panelists say theirs is "just like any other business," Nov. 28, 2007 at the Zócalo forum.